PAA Growth

An innovative dual-momentum strategy


This portfolio is anchored on the Protective Asset Allocation (PAA) strategy, an innovative dual-momentum model that seamlessly balances the pursuit of superior returns with a robust protection mechanism.

The fundamental premise of this strategy is "momentum" or "price persistence", a phenomenon where rising prices tend to continue rising, and falling prices tend to continue falling. This momentum is pertinent as long as the lookback period is between one month and 6 months. When the lookback period is significantly longer or shorter, a "reversal" occurs.

Our Advanced PAA model is an evolved iteration of our PAA Defensive approach, where we marry the principles of dual momentum and breadth momentum with time-honored investment strategies. At the heart of our model lies a balanced portfolio approach, maintaining 50% of our assets in cash or cash equivalents to cushion against market fluctuations and provide liquidity. The other 50% of the portfolio is actively managed, with a particular focus on substantial cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. We meticulously monitor market values and adjust our cryptocurrency holdings to maintain proportionality with these benchmarks. In the event of a market decline, we strategically utilize our liquid assets to recalibrate and bolster our positions in these cryptocurrencies.


Who is it for

Our Growth strategy is designed for investors seeking a balanced approach to cryptocurrency investment. This portfolio invests up to 50% in Tether (USDT) during difficult markets. The actual allocation between cryptocurrency and stable coins is dynamically adjusted based on market conditions. The stable coin reserve in this portfolio serves as a strategic tool for capitalizing on market volatility. It allows for profit-taking during market upswings and offers the flexibility to buy cryptocurrencies at relatively low prices during downturns, thereby capturing potential profit opportunities.


Total returns
Annualized returns
Annualized volatility
Starting balance $10,000
Ending balance
Please note that the displayed results are based on historical data and do not guarantee future performance.

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