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This portfolio is anchored on the Protective Asset Allocation (PAA) strategy, an innovative dual-momentum model that seamlessly balances the pursuit of superior returns with a robust crash protection mechanism.

The fundamental premise of this strategy is "momentum" or "price persistence", a phenomenon where rising prices tend to continue rising, and falling prices tend to continue falling. This momentum is pertinent as long as the lookback period is between one month and 6 months. When the lookback period is significantly longer or shorter, a "reversal" occurs.

The PAA strategy also integrates a robust crash protection mechanism, allocating up to 100% in Tether (USDT). This crash protection mechanism provides a formidable safety net against substantial market downturns.

The strategy concentrate on Bitcoin and Ethereum, two cryptocurrencies that have exhibited robust asset class characteristics. They have consistently demonstrated an upward price trajectory over time, positioning them as effective inflation hedges. This characteristic is critical for the success of the PAA strategy, which thrives when the invested assets display a propensity for price appreciation over time. By selecting this strategy, investors can effectively participate in this potential upside while being shielded from severe market downturns.


Who is it for

Our Defensive Portfolio is designed for investors seeking a balanced approach to cryptocurrency investment. This portfolio invests up to 100% in Tether (USDT). The actual allocation between cryptocurrency and stable coins is dynamically adjusted based on market conditions. It features a sensitive crash protection ratio, providing a robust safety net against market downturns. The stable coin reserve in this portfolio serves as a strategic tool for capitalizing on market volatility. It allows for profit-taking during market upswings and offers the flexibility to buy cryptocurrencies at relatively low prices during downturns, thereby capturing potential profit opportunities.


Total returns
Annualized returns
Annualized volatility
Starting balance $10,000
Ending balance
Please note that the displayed results are based on historical data and do not guarantee future performance.

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